Ovarian Cystectomy in Livingston, NJ

The majority of women will have an ovarian cyst at least one time during the course of her life. Some are harmless, however, if it has the chance to grow and left untreated, it can lead to serious complications. That is why it’s important to know the signs of potentially dangerous ovarian cysts, as well as how to remove them with the ovarian cystectomy surgical procedure.

What is an Ovarian Cystectomy?

An ovarian cystectomy is a surgical procedure done to remove a cyst or cysts from one or both of your ovaries. A cyst can be identified as fluid-filled sacs that usually develop during ovulation (when eggs are released each month). 

Reasons to Have an Ovarian Cystectomy

If you are wondering whether or not your cyst requires removal, here are some things to consider:  

  1. It is suspected of being cancerous
  2. It is large – greater than 2.5 inches in diameter
  3. It contains blood or a solid substance, rather than just being filled with fluid
  4. It causes pain

The most common symptom experienced with an ovarian cyst is pain in the pelvic and/or abdominal area. However, be aware that some cysts may be asymptomatic. If any of the things listed above apply to your situation, it is important to get the surgery in order to preserve your ovaries and fertility. 

How is a Laparoscopic Procedure Performed?

A laparoscopic procedure is minimally invasive, as opposed to receiving open surgery. It is typically the preferred option of most patients, regardless of the procedure being done. Before the surgery begins, you will be administered an anesthetic. Next, the doctor will make small incisions in the abdomen and use a small camera to assist them in completing the surgery. A laparoscopic procedure may also offer a faster recovery time and a decreased risk of infection. 

How to Prepare for the Procedure 

As with any surgery, there is preparation in order to ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible and the results are optimal. Here’s a list of tips to follow before receiving your ovarian cystectomy:

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before your scheduled surgery
  • Make sure someone is available to drive you to and from the doctor’s office
  • Arrive approximately two hours before your estimated start time
  • Ask your doctor about any medications you are taking and if they will interfere with the surgery
  • Schedule pre and post-operative appointments 

Ovarian Cystectomy in Livingston, New Jersey

Receiving a diagnosis for an ovarian cyst doesn’t have to be intimidating – especially when you’re a patient of Anthony C. Quartell, M.D. & Associates. Dr. Anthony C. Quartell has been cited for Special Excellence in Complicated Laparoscopic Procedures, therefore you are guaranteed to receive the best care possible. New and old patients alike are encouraged to contact our Livingston office at 973-968-4611, or fill out a contact form online. We look forward to taking care of you!

  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell has been recognized by New York Magazine and New Jersey Monthly numerous times in the category ‘Best Doctors’. In addition, he was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!


  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!



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