Ovulation 101: Tips for conceiving

So you have decided you are ready to expand your family, congratulations! The first important step to conceiving is scheduling a pre-conception appointment with an OB/GYN for a check up of you and your partner’s health. It is also important that you understand the ovulation process for success in conceiving a happy, healthy baby. Here are our top tips for timely conception!

Know when you are ovulating

There are a ton of misconceptions about the ovulation cycle. Many women wrongly assume that they should have sex 14 days after their period, which is the assumed ovulation time. However, this time period is based off a 28-day cycle, which not everyone has. Each woman has a different cycle; so going off the standard 28-day cycle could be hindering your ability to get pregnant.

 It is important to pay attention to your body so that you know when you are ovulating. Some women report different discharge or changes in breast tenderness when they are ovulating, however an ovulation prediction kit is the best method for knowing when you are ovulating. These kits detect the luteinizing hormone in urine, which is at a higher-level 24-48 hours prior to ovulation.

It is also a common misconception that couples should try to conceive on the day of ovulation. In reality, it is actually best to have sex three, two, and one day before ovulation to allow for the most time for the egg to be fertilized. Timing is everything when it comes to conception.

Get healthy

An important part of being able to carry a baby is being in healthy enough shape to do so. You should have all of your bases covered at your preconception check-up. It is ideal to be at a healthy weight, exercise moderately, and maintain a healthy diet. If there are any health concerns, your doctor can advise you on the next steps to take, rather than wasting time trying to conceive when a health issue needs to first be addressed.

Have Sex- lots of it

Having lots of sex will increase the odds that you are able to get pregnant. It doesn’t matter what position, and no you don’t have to put your legs above your head after. Keep it relaxed and fun, this is an exciting time in your life! A common misconception is that men should “save” up their semen for days at a time before intercourse. This is a myth, and it is best to have intercourse every other day around ovulation for the best chances of conceiving. Try not to make sex a chore; it is okay to take a break if you start treating it as such.

Seek help when you need it

If you are healthy and have been trying to conceive naturally for a year with no luck, it is important to see a doctor. Your doctor will be able to advise you on next steps in order to grow your family. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Quartell for more advise on conception, and be sure to confirm your pregnancy with us so we can get you started on prenatal vitamins. Call our Livingston office at 973.716.9600 to speak with a professional today. 

  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell has been recognized by New York Magazine and New Jersey Monthly numerous times in the category ‘Best Doctors’. In addition, he was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!


  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!



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