Midwives are trained healthcare professionals that specialize in the care of pregnant women before, during and after pregnancy. From antenatal care to labor and delivery, midwives are there to provide their patients with individualized physical and emotional care, counseling and support.

Choosing a Midwife or Doctor in New Jersey

Typically, women who choose to go with a midwife rather than a doctor are women who prefer to have less traditional medical interference during their pregnancy. Midwives do, however, provide the same services as doctors and obstetricians. In fact, midwives often work closely with other doctors or obstetricians and refer to them when needed. If you prefer a more natural childbirth for your baby, then choosing a midwife may be a good choice for you. When it comes to the decision of choosing an obstetrician or a midwife, it all comes down to your comfort level and the type of relationship and care you’re looking to receive. When making this decision, there are several factors that you should take into account. For example, it’s preferred that you choose an obstetrician rather than a midwife if your pregnancy is considered “high risk” or if you have a multiple pregnancy. You should also take into account whether you prefer to give birth in a hospital, birthing center or at home. Most importantly, if you are considering choosing a midwife, it’s crucial that you research and understand the level of certification and licensing they have obtained, and how it will affect the role they will play during your pregnancy.

The Role of a Midwife During Your Pregnancy

A midwife will be there to provide you with care before, during and after your pregnancy, but the role they play does depend on their certification and licensing. Some of their most common roles include the following:

  • Family planning and preconception care
  • Conducting prenatal exams and ordering tests
  • Watching your physical and psychological health
  • Helping you make your birth plans
  • Advising you about diet, exercise, medications, and overall lifestyle
  • Educating and counseling you about pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care
  • Giving you emotional and practical support during labor
  • Admitting and discharging you from the hospital
  • Delivering your baby
  • Making referrals to doctors when needed

Your Relationship With Your Midwife

For many women, choosing to go with a midwife is extremely rewarding because of the close-knit relationship that develops throughout the pregnancy. Just like with a doctor or obstetrician, it’s extremely important that you feel comfortable with your midwife, establish a trust and a great means of communication with one another. Your midwife is there to provide you with professional medical care as well as the emotional support you deserve and desire, so be sure to utilize her to the fullest extent.

Obstetrician or Midwife Care in Livingston, NJ

At Anthoncy C. Quartell M.D., & Associates, we offer our patients in Livingston and North Jersey the option of choosing an obstetrician or a midwife. If you have any questions or need guidance in the decision making process, our friendly, expert staff would be more than happy to assist you! Call us today at (973) 716-9600.

  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell has been recognized by New York Magazine and New Jersey Monthly numerous times in the category ‘Best Doctors’. In addition, he was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!


  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!



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