Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Cancer in NJ

Cervical Cancer Diagnosis in Livingston, NJ

Out of all the gynecological conditions that a woman can acquire, from puberty through menopause, cervical cancer is one of the most serious diagnoses. Cervical cancer forms when abnormal cells on the cervix – the lower portion of the uterus that opens into the vagina – multiply and grow out of control. Visiting our office annually will help ensure this type of cancer is caught quickly, and that you receive the best care possible if you are suffering from cervical cancer.


Causes of Cervical Cancer

Human papillomavirus (HPV) – the most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States – is found in almost every single case of cervical cancer, making it one of the largest contributing factors of the condition. The reason? High-risk HPV has the ability to cause cervical cell abnormalities, which can ultimately result in cervical caner.


Cervical Cancer Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms of cervical cancer usually occur in the later stages, as precancerous cervical cells do not trigger or initiate any of the signs or indicators of the condition. If a woman is experiencing any of the following symptoms, she should contact our office immediately to set up an appointment with one of our physicians:

  • Abnormal bleeding during intercourse, during or after a pelvic exam, post-menopause or between regular menstrual cycles
  • Unique discharge, characterized by a thick texture with an odor
  • Increase in urination frequency
  • Pain while urinating
  • Unusual pelvic pain (not pertaining to your menstrual cycle)


Diagnosing Cervical Cancer

Receiving a routine pelvic exam will help greatly in catching any cervical cancer at any early stage. During the exam, a pap smear is performed. During the pap test, one of our physicians will take a sample of cells from the cervix, and test for any cell changes; if there is a cell change, or he notices any abnormal cells, further precautions will be taken for diagnostic purposes. These methods usually include testing the cells for cervical cancer.


Treatment of Cervical Cancer in New Jersey

Fortunately, cervical cancer can be successfully treated when found early on – which is why getting that annual pap test is extremely important. The treatment a woman with cervical cancer can receive typically depends on how severe the cancer is, and at what stage she is diagnosed. Treatment options include surgery, of the most common being a hysterectomy. Another surgery that can be performed to treat cervical cancer includes the removal of pelvic lymph nodes. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also viable treatment options.


Contact our office at 973-716-9600 to schedule your annual visit today, or to speak with Dr. Quartell about cervical cancer and the services that we offer for it.

  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell has been recognized by New York Magazine and New Jersey Monthly numerous times in the category ‘Best Doctors’. In addition, he was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!


  • Dr. Anthony C. Quartell was rated and awarded ‘The Patients’ Choice Award’ by his patients!



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